The Tax Filing Process

This is what you can expect if you hire me to prepare you income tax returns.

1. We first define the relationship by using an engagement letter.  This is simply an agreement that spells out clearly what I'll do for you and what you need to provide to me so I can get your income tax returns prepared and filed.    

2. I will send to you an organizer.  This is a document  you can follow to assist you in gathering the documents I will need in order to accurately prepare and file your income tax returns.  

3. You send to me all of your tax reporting documents you've received.  These could be W2s, a bunch of different types of 1099s, K1s from partnerships or other pass-through entities, letters from charities you've given to, etc.  

4. I will prepare your return in draft and explain it to you.  We can go as in depth as you'd like.   

5. I'll send you the forms you must sign that give me your approval to electronically file your returns.  

6. When your returns are accepted by the IRS and/or your state(s), I will provide you with a pdf copy of your returns.  

7. The last thing we will do is develop a plan for your next income tax return.  

All of this can be done digitally.  You can send me documents either through my website or through the income tax software I use.  We can do face to face meetings here in my home office or via some sort of web-based meeting software.    

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